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Welcome to the world of 1/1250 scale model warship, ocean liner, and civilian craft collecting! We carry the following lines:

1250/1200 Scale

(Most lines are 1/1250 scale metal models that are fully assembled and hand painted, except otherwise noted.)

Albatros AL

Highly detailed and well painted ocean liners, ferry boats, tankers, freighters, and yachts.  Manufactured in Germany. 

Albatros ALK

Highly detailed modern warships.  Produced in Germany.

Aquarius 1/1250 scale metal Civil War ships with exceptional detail and accuracy.  Generally regarded as best of its kind.

Highly detailed 1/1250 scale model warships from a wide variety of nations and eras.


Highly detailed modern warships. 


Exquisitely detailed and well painted modern merchant ships and cruise liners.  Models are usually produced for shipping companies, but many are available for collectors.  Manufactured in Germany.


Very detailed harbor accessories, warships, and land vehicles.

CAlifornia model

1/1250 scale resin & metal ships.


High quality 1/1250 scale aircraft kits.


Exquisitely detailed and well painted 1/1250 scale metal models.  Amongst the best of the best.

CM Miniatures

An excellent line of exquisitely detailed modern and classic ocean liners, cruise ships, warships, and merchantmen.  Produced in Germany.

Copy/ Liners

Warships and ocean liners produced by Navis/Neptun in Germany. 

dragon waves

Highly detailed collectable diecast cruise ships that are fully assembled and excellently finished.  Model comes with display case.


Finely detailed and affordable coastal ship kits that fill unique areas.

Golden Oldies

This session includes Trident, Hansa, Delphin, Mercator, Anker, Star, and other models.


Very detailed liners, ferry, and supply ships.

Unique warships from a wide range of eras.  Produced in Austria.

H & B

Jurgen Streich’s line consists primarily of Japanese vessels.

Helge fischer

Extraordinary 1/1250 scale metal models with unusual subjects.

Len Jordan

Extremely high quality 1/1200 scale resin ocean liner and merchant ship kits.  Very easy to assemble.  New K series (Warrior Models) are complete & painted WWII ships.


Extremely detailed and excellently hand-painted, fully assembled 1/1250 and other scale metal ocean liners, warships, and harbor accessories.

Mountford Miniatures 1/1200 scale metal models that are fully assembled and hand painted.  Very affordable, these models feature painted decks, aircraft, and some nice detailing.  Most collectors are very satisfied with this line.

Fine scale model warships of the WWI ( 1895-1920) era.  Generally regarded as the best of its kind in the world.


The standard-setting line for high quality models.  Extremely fine workmanship.  Vast line of warships, auxiliary craft, and airplanes from the WWII era.  Generally regarded as the best of its kind in the world.  We maintain a huge inventory of these outstanding models.


Extremely detailed passenger liners, freighters, and troop transport ships. 


Fine line of modern, WWII, & early era warships and passenger ships with exceptional detail and  fine workmanship.  Produced in Germany by Oliver Maertin.


This session Includes Grzybowski (GLR), RSKM, and KLA.  High quality 1/1250 scale model warships and civilian vessels (passenger, ferry, & tanker).

Richard Houston

1/1000-1/1100 scale metal kits of ironclads from the 1860-1905 period.


Extremely well done 1/1250 scale metal models that are excellently painted.  Very limited production runs.

Saratoga Shipyard

Highly detailed 1/1250 scale auxiliary warships of unusual subjects.  Designed in the US and produced in Germany. 

Tri-ang ships Company that produced widely sought 1/1200 scale metal warships, harbor accessories, and civilian ships.

Very nicely done 1/1250 scale metal models that are no longer produced and increasingly rare.


Highly detailed and well painted 1/1200 - 1/1250 scale resin/metal ships.  Items designated as WMS are cast in metal. 

Used Models

We offer a wide array of previously owned 1/1250 models with good/excellent conditions.  

Dragon Models

dragon armor
dragon wings

Highly collectible diecast airplanes & armor that are fully assembled and excellently painted/finished.  The Dragon Armor come with display case, and the Dragon Wings come with stand for display.

GHQ warships & armors

GHQ Micronauts

Premier maker of 1/2400 scale modern, WWII, and WWI warships and auxiliaries, and 1/1200 scale Napoleonic sailing ships.  Made by pewter and in kit form.  Generally regarded as the best of its kind. 


Covers all WWII through modern era tanks, planes, and buildings. (1/285 scale)



A very large line and extremely well done US Civil War ship kits (metal).  (1/600 scale).



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