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New Lines:  Mountford Miniatures, Helge Fischer, Risawoleska.

All Hai's latest releases are now in stock!  These include the 517 ALVARO DE BAZÁN, 519 SERVIOLA, 520 MUEASAME, 521 LEPANTO, 522 PELAYO, 523 PHILADELPHIA, 524 NOVARA, etc.. In addition, the 66 Truxtun, 415 New York, 300 Implacable, 350 Pretoria Castle, 362 Activity, 67 Lawrence, 57 Bouclier, 33 Fourche, 179 Wolverine, and several others also arrived.  Future releases can be found on the Hai page.


Optatus: The newly released IJN Zuiho (aircraft carrier) & LIZV6 MOBY VINCENT are in stock.  Other recent arrivals include the OPT/LIZ V5b Strong Virginian, OPT-S-16a LCU 2001, OPT/LIZ V3 Calypso, OPT7 GLOIRE (French Ironclad), & IJN Taiyo (carrier).  The ironclads OPT1 Solferino, OPT3 Warrior, OPT6 Shannon, OPT8 Henri IV, Japanese destroyer OPT-S-15b Akebobo, and carrier OPT-S-5 Taiho are all in stock.


Albatros: AL136a Strathaird (P&O), AL135 Cunard Countess, AL173 Saxon (Union Castle), AL185 Arcadia (P&O), AL128 Empress of Asia, ALK113 Aquitania, AL232 SANTA MARIA (Grace line) & ALK204 WALTHER HERWIG III, AL231 Santa Rosa (Grace Line), AL233 Longstone (new release), AL122 Savarona, AL135a Rhapsody, AL184a Empress of France, AL230 Patricia, ALK200b Hessen, ALK207a full-hull U31 with dry dock (a must have for harbors), ALK56 Sachsenwald (supply ship), AL223a Navasa, AL103B Vesteralen, AL162 Kong Harold, AL162A Richard With, AL225 TOM SAWYER, AL77N Astor, AL220 NORWEGIAN WIND, AL150A Titanic, AL228 Finnmarken, AL 227a Midnatsol, AL227 Trollfjord, ALK305 Hurst Point, AL-C1 City of Paris, AL-C1A Philadelphia, ALK43 Mö Molders, ALK80A London, ALK97 Peacock, ALK207 U 31 (Class 212), ALK28 HEINZ ROGGENKAMP.


Mercator: Recent arrivals are the Vaterland, Bremen, Liberte, Rex, Normandie, Oceanic, Norway, Himalaya, Conte Di Savoi, France, America, Cleveland, General von Steuben, Sagafjord, Oriana, Pasteur, harbor accessories, and several British warships (e.g., HMS RENOWN).  One of the shipments brought the first of the exquisite Meridian series of 1/700 scale Napoleonic sailing ship kits and the famous 1/1200 scale 1860-1870 era ironclads.


Carat: The world's first nuclear-powered cargo/passenger ship SAVANNAH has docked, along with the passenger liner C022 Circassia (Great Britain).  Recent arrivals also include the new C080 Wildenfels (w/deck cargo), C063 Arawa (which served with Spain in the Spanish/American war), CSG03 Cutty Sark, full hull C063fh Arawa in display case, the huge crane ship/pipe layer E.T.P.M. 1601 (which sports a crane that is over 100 meters long), and Essen, etc..


CM: Recent arrivals are CMP22 Europa, CMKR143 Rotterdam V, CMKR88 Volendam III, CMKR179 Union (tanker), CMKR191 Cap Roca, CMP1090 Lejeune, CMKR40 Achille Lauro, CMKR46 Raffaello, CMKR48 Italia Prima, CMKR83 Sovereign of the Seas, & CMKR89 Albatros. There are now 30 different types of CM models listed, including the CMP1004 Guam, CK84 Seaward, CK117 Crown Odyssey, CMKR99 Kasakhstan, CMKR243 Delphin, Norwegian Sea, CMKR75 Jubilee, & Carnival Spirit.


Mountford Miniatures: The newly released USS Langley (first American aircraft carrier) and Portsmouth Harbor diaroma are available.  Recent arrivals include the WS17 Warspite, HMS Kent, HMS Belfast, Graf Spee, Type 22 Frigates, Tribal Class, Hood, Painted Dockyard #1, Refinery Dock, Repair Dock, & 250 Ton Crane, etc..  These models feature painted decks, aircraft, and some nice detailing.

Neptun: Numerous parcels recently arrived.

New & Recent Releases: 1170 Truculent, 1226 Shoho, 36N Vineta, 762N T74, 301N California, 300N Colorado, 1565a AUGUSTO RIBOTY, 1304a California, 1343b Detroit, 56N Nymphe, 1148 Delhi, 601N Imperatritsa Maria, & 1501A Vittorio Veneto.
Rigged Display Case Models (Spider Navy in display case w/wood base): 1112V Victorious.
Camouflage Models:T1163a
J-K-N Class, T1162 O-P Class, T1004 Gneisenau, T1313 HornetT1314a Enterprise, T1501 Littorio, T1540 Giuseppe Garibaldi, T1541 Eugenio Di Savoia, T1560 Soldati Class, T1562 Navigatori Class, T1566c Ciclone, T1402 Richelieu, T1001 Tirpitz, T1032 Hipper, T1068 T1-12, T1132 Norfolk, T1102 Rodney, T1361a McCord, T1360a Gearing, T1361 Fletcher. In addition, several specially painted camouflaged models are available, including a multi-color Anson. 10 US WWI ships with decks painted in wood colors (e.g., Orion, Colossus, Idaho, Arizona, Kansas, Paris, Andrea Doria, Viribus Unitis, etc.) are in stock.
Ships of Interest: 1110 Hood, 1268a Uranami,
1231a Suzuya, 1310a Franklin, 1300c Wisconsin, 1306 Arizona, 1308 USS Texas, 1309 Arkansas, 1316 Lexington, 1330 Alaska, 1335a Northampton, 1335b Louisville, 1336a Salt Lake City, 1340c Miami, 1353a Rudderow, 1361b Stevens, 1364 Craven, 1364a Blue, 1365 Sumers, 1392 Bayfield, and numerous others.
Airships and Planes: The airships
L7V R100, L4V Macon, & L2V L-59 are available.

Navis10 specially painted deck Navis ships  (e.g., Colorado, Colossus, Idaho, Arizona, Kansas, Paris, Andrea Doria, Viribus Unitis, etc.) have arrived.  In addition, the 612N Slava, 56N Nymphe (new), 601N Imperatritsa Maria (new), 220 Kongo, C-1 Rurik, 103N Ajax, 330 Washington, 113S Goliath (victoria color), 911 Lafayette, and over 100 other types of vessels are in stock.

Navalis' decals, flags, & photoetch ratlines have arrived, and TOM'S Modelworks' photoetch parts (cage masts, railings, catapults and cranes) are in stock. Many Figurehead coastal ships also arrived.

Hai: Over 300 Hai models recently arrived, including many items (destroyers, cruisers, battleships, iron clads, etc. ) that have not been available before.  This will be the last big Hai shipment we receive for some time, so please check the inventory carefully because some items may not be available once sold out.  In addition, all the recently released ships are available, including the Hai 511 Duilio, 512 Albany, 513 Baltimore, 514 Speedy, 515 Gribben, 516 Numancia, 510 Baltimore, 509 Massena, 508 Alarm, 507 Kaiser, 506 Mars, 505 Benbow, 504 Cesma, 503 Hvidbjornen, 502 Lommen, and 501 Comet. Other recent arrivals also include the Hai169 Re Umberto, 117 Patoka, 104 Mars, 179 Wolverine, 194 Texas, 453 Marceau, 454 Medea, 461 Scorpion, 463 Latouche Treville, 464 Jaureguiberry, 480 Ersatz Monarch, 481 Bouvet, 485 Concord, 491 Dunderberg, 416 Formidable, 367 Courbet, 342 Redoubtable, 198 Kearsarge, and some others that have been out of stock for quite a while. There are around 500 types of Hai ship models now listed.

Risawoleska: Recent arrivals include the newly released C1-A standard freighter RI113 OLUF MAERSK, RI167 KRISTINA REGINA, & RI164 Prinsesse Ragnhild, passenger ships RI163b Jupiter, RI51c Neptune, & RI4a Blenheim, the ferry boats RI60a Halsskov w/vehicles & RI67a Nils Holgersson, and the refrigerator ship RI118 Bremerhaven. This exquisite line makes amongst the finest 1/1250 scale civilian ships that are available, and some of the models are only available in very limited quantities.

Bille: Newly released Bi125 Chesapeake Bay, Bi132 New York Senator, BI147 Verona (automobile carrier), Bi135 Seadevil (tanker), & Bi119 Hai Wang Xing (bulk carrier) are in stock.  All Bille photos are now posted.  Recent shipments also brought the refrigerated ships BS3 Dole America and Bi139 Agulhas Stream, bulk freighters Bi137 Neckar Ore (320,000 tons) and Bi136 Penne Ore, car carrier Bi145 Haul Trooper, and container ships Norasia Samantha and Norasia Fribourg.  Other recent arrivals are Bi156b Tarantella (full hull in display case), Bi80 Hornwind (new release), Bi108 Berlin, Bi120 Costa Victoria, Bi121 Contship Singapore, BiS7 Adrian ex Jan Ritscher, Bi7 Statue of Liberty, Bi126 Aida, Bi126a Aidacara, BiS1 Contship Germany, BiS2 Contship New Zealand, Bi97 Freudenfels, Bi66 Isar Express, & Bi140 Deutchland.

Tri-ang: The latest Limited Collector's Edition HMS Albion Set & HMS Bulwark Set have arrived (These will be the last Limited Collector's Edition made), along with the box set S710 Assault Task Force Set, and P710 Albion Class Assault Ship. The recently released LCE sets Invincible, Illustrious, & Arc Royal sets are available, as are boxed Carrier Strike Command and Amphibious Assault Force sets.  Several separately packaged VTOL carriers, landing Support ships submarines, and minesweepers are also in stock.  The Invincible Class LCE sets (Sets 5, 6 & 7) each include one individually hall-marked Invincible class VTOL carrier, 1 Cardiff Class destroyer, 1 Vanguard Class SSBN, and 1 Trafalgar Class SSN. The Carrier Strike Command set is composed of 1 Invincible Class Carrier, 1 Type 22 Batch 3 Destroyer, 1 Type 42 Batch 2 Destroyer, and 1 Trafalgar Class Submarine. This compliments the popular Navy Harbor set that consists of 19 components, including 1 Type 23 Frigate, 1 Type 42 Batch 3 Destroyer, 3 Quay Straights, 1 Crane Unit, 1 Storage Tank, 1 Customs Shed, 1 Warehouse, 4 Breakwater Straights, and other assorted parts that make a small naval base. The Invincible Class VTOL carrier, Vanguard Class SSBN, Trafalgar Class SSN, Sandown Class Minesweepers, and Hunt Class Minesweepers can be purchased separately, as can all the other components Tri-ang now has to offer.

Argos: New releases are the AS-M-01 Daniel J. Morrell (great lake freighter), AS32A USS Essex, AS 14-S Central America (gold ship), AS74 Intrepid, AS101 Ohio, AS-Z-10A Deck Crane, AS-Z-27 Rotors for Sea King helicopter, AS-Z-50 propellers, AS-Z-56 Rotors, AS75 Kitty Hawk, AS34b-81 Winston Churchill (limited edition), AS68 Enterprise, & AS69-4 USS Nassau. Recent arrivals also include the AS43c-981 John Hancock, AS34b-80 USS Roosevelt, AS43b-990 Ingersoll, AS50-58 Samuel B. Roberts, AS51-1084 McCandles, AS54 Anzac, AS43c-975 O'Brien, AS-Z-09 Helicopter Rotors, etc..

Saratoga Model Shipyard: SMY24 Arctic, SMY23 USS Neches, SMY14a Saratoga.

Noordzee: NZ79 Kota Gede, NZ32 Kedoe, NZ 83 Kota Baroe.

Helge Fischer: Many unique WWII submarines and ships.

Wirral: Tankers Ohio & Empire Chapman; Liners Lancashire, Empire Clyde, & Dilwara.

Aquarius: AQ-S14 USS Essex, AQ-S10 CSS Chicora, etc.

Bergers: Stone Wall Jackson, Novgorod, USS Tecumseh, and harbor accessories.

Rhenania Family: Adriatic (1917), Isle of Jersey (1934), Franconia (1915), Riga (1912), Giulio Giordani (1942), Coronel (1943), Winnetou (1939), Hansa Lyon (2001), Lanconia (1912), etc..

H & BKojima (2000 Coast Guard Cutter) and Banna (1999 patrol boat).

Golden Oldies: Trident, Argonaut, Delphin, Hansa, H&B, old Mercator, Star.

Used models: More second-hand models have been added to the used models section, including several exceptionally painted Superior ships and others.  Wire has been used to fabricate better secondary guns and masts, which made these Superior models into something very desirable.

Warrior Models: Complete & painted Len Jordan K series WWII ships.  This new series features WWII freighters & troop ships carrying landing craft, locomotives, motor transport, and aircraft.  These are exquisitely detailed & well done models, and newly arrived are:
Liberty Ship carrying four locomotives and tenders, USA, 1944
    K2   Inventor - shown carrying landing craft, 5xLCM, 2xLCA, UK, 1942
    K3   Nailsea Court carrying 4 Hudson aircraft, UK, 1941
    K4   Empire Allenby carrying 2 tank locomotives and motor transport, UK, 1945
    K5   Victory Ship carrying motor transport, USA, 1945
    K6   Mauretania Cunard troopship, UK, 1944

GHQ: Complete line of modern, WWII, WWI, and Napoleonic warships and Armor.  Best of its kind.

Dragon ModelsSturmtiger, King Tiger, Jagdpanther, Ocean liners, airplanes, armor.

Odds & Ends: Dozens of Len Jordan models have docked, but they sell out very quickly.  The CA Models oil exploration ship Caballo Anduluz, tanker Eagle Virginia, and cruise ship Oosterdam are available, and SMY's newly released SMY24 Arctic & SMY23 USS Neches are in stock. CAP Aero planes and Figurehead ships are available.  The latest shipment of Navalis decals include British and US flags. The Noordzee NZ79, NZ32 Kedoe, NZ83 Kota Gebe, and several Argonaut, Helge Fisher, and Aquarius ships are all in stock, but probably not for long.  More models have been added to the Golden Oldies and Used Models sections.  In addition, a 3-D Warship Photo CD (Russian-Japanese Naval Warfare) is available - please see below:

3-D Warship Photo CD available:

Title: Russo-Japanese Naval Warfare (1904-1905)
Media: Interactive CD ($39.95)

General notes:

Generally, I avoid cyber books, for few of them are proof against bumble-headed computer illiterates such as me. But all one has to do is pop this CD into the drive, and the rest is as easy as one could ever imagine. Indeed, I have to say that no written product I have ever purchased or seen can compare with the breadth and scope of the visual renderings that this CD has to offer. The graphics offer wonderful 3-D line drawings and photographic representations of all the major Russian vessels involved in the Russo-Japanese war, and a lot more. But let us first deal with the contents, which include the following major category titles, each of which is hyperlinked to a set of data tables (e.g. armor, armament, potted histories, etc.), drawings, 3-D graphics, and/or rare photos:

1.        Naval warfare Day-by-Day line (587 pages);
2.        Major Sea Battles and Actions line (14 pages);
3.        Warships line (286 pages);
4.        3D Renderings line (52 pages);
5.        Photos line (80 pages);
6.        Shipbuilders line (44 pages);
7.        Ship Classes line (20 pages);
8.        Ship Types line (112 pages);
9.        General Information line (14 pages).

       One will not find much narrative text here, for this product is composed of dedicated and heavily interlinked databases.  What I find most captivating are the 3-D graphics. My goodness, this is a model-makers delight! I spent 3 hours when I first fired up the CD just checking out the 3-D drawings of Russian ships. Every page of drawings has several perspective angles of a given ship, and clicking on each rendering will reveal a large graphic of the shot in question. The color of the 3-D graphics is a muted gray for the most part, and this allows details to stand out that are of great value for modelers.
      I wish the author would also do 3-D drawings of the Japanese ships, although colored 2-D drawings are included of all the major Japanese and Russian vessels that fought during the Russo-Japanese war. Moreover, future 3-D and photographic updates can be added by those who purchase the basic CD.  These can be easily downloaded as new material becomes available. So this is a book that can grow, which I find a neat feature. As for now, the painting clues the drawings provided compliment the details of the 3-D renderings very well.
     The photos are excellent, for the most part, and some appear unique. One or two shots of each major vessel are usually available, and clicking on these will reveal a very large blowup that one can scroll across and examine in detail. This can be great fun. However, please remember to click off each picture after you are done viewing it. I tend to leave too many windows open, and end up getting a bit lost at times. But the information the pictures provide is first rate!  For example, I had no idea the Russians painted the lifeboats white on some of their black-hulled ships, but I have some great evidence that this was the case in various vessels. Yes, one can learn a lot from these pictures.
      The biggest joy was the relatively low price of $39.95 per CD. During a time when many texts that offer lesser graphics cost over $100.00, I found the cost was more than outweighed by the graphics alone.  Currently, CDs of the Russo-Japanese Naval Warfare (1904-1905) are available only from Morning Sunshine Models ( or call 814- 861-1768).



Morning Sunshine Models
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State College, PA 16801, USA
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